Retired NYPD Detective Joe Mazzilli is the founder and owner of Protect-All Security and Investigations. As an undercover NYPD detective, he infiltrated the New York Mafia and arrested numerous underworld figures for murder, loan sharking, sale and possession of illegal drugs, guns, hijacking, and gambling. 

Before going undercover, Detective Mazzilli was an original member of the NYPD Pimp Squad.

He specialized in helping young runaway girls who fell prey to pimps in New York City. 

Detective Mazzilli continues to help families in finding their runaway children, with pro-bono service available if they cannot afford his services. Detective Joe Mazzilli is licensed in numerous states as a Private Investigator. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Science, and founded a nonprofit organization called Runaways Assistance Program (RAP). It provides investigations and other services to locate and help runaway children and their families.

Our Philosophy 

"Every successful security and investigative operation needs a point of view, a philosophy. It needs a commitment to something its clients can understand. Protect-All is summed up into two words……Professionalism & Experience."

Joseph J. Mazzili, President, Licensed Private Investigator, Retired NYPD Detective

Why Professionalism Is Important

The professional police officers, detectives (active/retired), and security managers guarantee the best-trained and most highly motivated security and investigative personnel in the world. These proficient qualities afford you peace of mind and allow us to do the worrying for you.